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Children's Science

This page is being designed to give children access to various aspects of the sciences; we plan to make it a fun and entertaining page so that children from all over the world can participate and enjoy.

The way we think, and the way we analyze problems to arrive at a conclusion, may well determine who we will be in the future. On this page, children will be presented several science experiments and math skills to test their critical thinking ability. They will first define the problem and then apply the "what", "why", "how" approach to arrive at a solution. We are hoping this will be a fun page.



1. What is the Problem? What do I want to know?

2. What is my hypothesis, assumption? What do I think happened?........ caused the problem?

3. What things do I need (experiment)? What things do I need to find out, and what will I do?

4. What did I see (observation)? What happened?

5. What is my conclusion? Why did it happen?... debate...... argue... lesson learned.

6. Compare...... Was my hypothesis correct? If not, what do I learn?

7. Presentation...... What do I say to my friends about what I found out?

8. Resources...... What did I use to find the answer..........books, things
used for the experiment?